Skellefteå Airport

To and from the airport

Airport shuttle

We offer airport shuttle in connection with all our regular flights (not charter). One way prices:

Adult SEK80
Youth SEK60
Child SEK40

More information visit: Skelleftebuss website


Airport taxi

There are five different taxi companies who have an agreement to operate to and from Skellefteå Airport, these are:

Boss Taxi, +46 910 10555, +46 76 777 33 78

City Taxi Skellefteå, +46 910 13000

Jalla Jalla Taxi, +46 910 82000


Skellefteå Taxi, +46 910 17000

Car rental



Use card or ticket to enter our parking areas. Pay with the same card or ticket when you exit. In our terminal building you can also pay with card or coins via two pay stations.
Short Term Parking 
Price: SEK10 for every 30 minutes
Long Term Parking
Price in SEK
Per 30 minuter: 10:-
Per day: max 150:-
Per week: 700:- for the first week,  325:- per week thereafter.


More information: +46 910 576 00