Skellefteå Airport

Security control

All passengers must go through a security control. This is a demand from the Swedish Transport Agency. The purpose of the security control is to find objects that are not allowed to be brought into the so called restricted areas at the airport and onboard the aircraft. A restricted area is the area where the passengers go after security control until they board the aircraft.

 Advice about security control

Have your boarding pass ready to show when you reach security control. Your passport is not needed at this point.

–       At security control, you need to show your plastic bag with liquids, which is X-rayed.

–       You also need to show any liquid medication, baby food or special dietary products.

–       You need to remove coats or jackets, which are X-rayed.

–       Remove laptops and other electronic equipment of similar size from your bags. All are X-rayed.

Are you unsure what you can bring, then visit Transportstyrelsens web page:

Do not carry mobile phones, keys, coins and other small metal objects on you. Put them in your hand luggage before you reach security control. That way the detector in the security arch will not go off when you pass through, and it will be smoother for all passengers.

Place your hand luggage on the conveyor belt to the X-ray machine and then walk through the metal detector.

If you try to bring anything that can be dangerous through security, it will be taken from you.

Restriction of liquids in hand luggage

New EU regulations for airport security were introduced on 6 November 2006, for all flights from Swedish airports, i.e. both domestic and international and to destinations outside the EU. The new regulations restrict the amount of liquid that is allowed in the hand luggage on the aircraft. Baggage that is checked in is not affected by these new regulations. It will still be possible to purchase tax free goods after security control.