Skellefteå Airport


Opening hours

The airport gates will open 1 hour before the first flight and close 45 minutes after the last flight. When the gates are closed it is not possible to leave or collect a car at the parking lot.

Shortterm parking

Per 30 minutes SEK10.

Longterm parking

Use card or ticket to enter our parking areas. Pay with the same card or ticket when you exit.
In our terminal building you can also pay with card or coins via two pay stations.

Daily SEK150
Per week maximum SEK750, from week two maximum SEK325.

If You travel from Skellefteå Airport with Detur, Apollo, Scandjet, Kroatienspecialisten and Ving, You have free parking on our charterparking.

When You arrive at the Airport You park in the area marked “Charterparkering”. You ask for a parkingticket when you checkin and the ticket shall be visible at the front window.

Did you know that since April 2016 Skellefteå Airport buyes insurance for all travellers who park at the airport long term parking. The insurance covers the deductible the traveller will have in connection with an damage that occurs in the parking if the damage is reimbursed from regular car insurance.


More information +46 910 576 00