Skellefteå Airport

Charter flights


Skellefteå Airport has had a fantastic development of charter travel in recent years and in 2007 we broke our record with over 12 000 charter passengers.
And it is so easy and comfortable to board at Skellefteå Airport for a few hours later bathing in lukewarm water and enjoying the clear blue sky.
Then, when the holiday ends, you are quickly back home, hopefully refreshed.
From Skellefteå Airport, we have following charter destinations and operators:


Summer 2015


Turkey- Antalya, Dalaman


Greece- Rhodos, Crete


Croatia- Split

More information and tickets reservations:

Affärsresebyrån i Skellefteå +46 910-71 40 40
Omnica Travel +46 910-71 12 20
Ticket +46 910-880 70
Resia +46 910-71 12 00
Reseproducenten +46 910-73 95 00

Locker during your trip

You can store keys and outdoor clothes in our locker during your trip so you don´t have to bring them with you.


                      One week    Two weeks

Keys             50 SEK        50 SEK

Jackets        50 SEK        80 SEK