Skellefteå Airport

About Skellefteå Airport

Skellefteå Airport works purposefully for the future and the vision of taking northern Sweden out to the world and bring tourist to us. Since 2010 Skellefteå Airport is operated by local government with thousands of dedicated inhabitants of Skellefteå that by choosing Skellefteå Airport makes the airport succesful. Skellefteå Airport is ranked as one of the 10 largest airports in the country in terms of domestic flights. That in combination with a growing number of charter destinations it is both possible to go and also welcome guests from all over the world to northern Sweden. With new exciting cooporations we are ready to become the region international low-price centre.

In march 2011 there is premier of ”Hello Norrland, Hello världen” which is a milestone in Skellefteå Airport and northern aviation history.


Travel more to and from Skellefteå Airport, welcome!